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Photo Exhibit Looks at Lives of Female Migrants
By Park Chung-a Staff Reporter

Romanian migrant woman is kissing on a cheek of her one-month-old baby just before leaving her at nursery in this untitled photo by Park Kyong-ju.

An exhibition featuring documentary photos of female migrant workers in Korea will be held at Chohung Gallery in northern Seoul from Saturday. Artist Park Kyong-ju captured the lives of migrant women last year to raise public awareness about discrimination women migrants face in Korea. Park began working on the theme in 1999 while studying visual art in Germany. She took photographs of some 300 migrants on a bridge in front of the immigration office in Berlin, using a slide projector to overlap the images to emphasize their common identity as migrants. ``While living in a foreign country, I naturally came to think about issues of nationality and identity which led me to shed light on migrant laborers through my work,'' Park said. The number of women migrants in Korea totaled 207,829 as of 2001, and the number continues to rise, according to the Women Migrants' Human Rights Center. ``A majority of women migrants suffer terribly from violence, sexual exploitation, no financial support for parenting, no protection of motherhood and poverty. Women face these difficulties alone and are alone to overcome them,'' an official from the center said. Other than these photographs, Park will present a single-channel video work showing a Thai woman giving an electioneering tour in Kwangju and waving the Korean national flag in front of the provincial government office of Cholla Province. It is part of her video work series, ``Migrant Laborers' Electioneering Tour Performance,'' done last winter. The project will give migrants a chance to raise political issues in the public as well as people's interest regarding migrant issues, Park said. This spring, Park will launch an Internet broadcasting station for migrants with participation from migrant workers, artists, human rights activists and journalists. She will also publish a photography collection, ``Migration,'' later this month. On the opening day of the exhibition on Saturday, Acomda, a Korean music group helping migrants, will hold a performance. Lives of Female MigrantsWhen: March 19- 29 Where:Chohung Gallery. Closed on Sundays. Near exit number 3 of City Hall Station, subway line 2, near exit number 6 of Kwanghwamun Station, subway line 5.Info: (02) 722-8493

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